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All about nutrition

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Don’t let life get in the way of eating well. Each ENE-CHÍ nutrition program is perfectly balanced for kilojoules, protein, carbohydrates, fats, fibre and limits sugars and sodium. And they taste great and are ready to eat when you are. Not having the time will never be an excuse again!

Nutritious food plans


It takes just two minutes. Once signed-up, all you have to do is sit back as your delicious, prepared meals are delivered to your door each week.

Hassle-free healthy meals

Enjoy the time you save

We know you’re busy, so forget shopping for fresh, seasonal ingredients or slaving away in the kitchen. Let us help you eat and feel better while you spend your time doing what you enjoy.

Soooo good. And I haven't been hungry at all. I've done Lite n' Easy before but this is soooo much better. All the meals are fresh not frozen too which is heaps nicer. Can't recommend enough.

ENE-CHI Subscriber

What a yummy feast! The meals were fresh and tasty, and big! I was pleasantly surprised with how big the portions are, and they were perfect after a full day of physical training! Can't wait for my bircher breakfast tomorrow - one of my faves!

ENE-CHI Subscriber

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Home-delivered fresh meals

We are celebrating our first deliveries to Sydney and Wollongong overnight this Sunday!

INTRODUCTORY OFFER! For your first two weeks you we are offering $149 per week for Sustain and $169 for Active. You cannot buy the groceries for that price!


How it Works

Kristen Beck

As a nutritionist my hope is simply that anyone who subscribes to the ENE-CHI program will feel better because they are eating well.

Kristen Beck Signature

Kristen Beck

Registered Nutritionist and Health Scientist.

Read more from Kristen on the work that has gone into the ENE-CHI menu >>

Reasons to choose ENE-CHI

Delicious as it is nutritious

We’ve teamed up with one of Australia’s leading fresh meal manufacturers, Kitchen Food Company, and expert nutritionist, Kristen Beck, to create a range of inspiring, balanced nutrition programs. That means you don’t have to worry about getting the right mix of nutrients because we already have.

Enjoy good food with a conscience

We know the story behind every ingredient that goes into our meals – from the provenance of our fresh produce to the source of our meat.

Get the right fuel for life

Life is busy, so live it healthy by eating right. ENE-CHÍ makes it easy and convenient to enjoy fresh, balanced meals every day to help you feel good, whatever you’re doing.