deliveries start in Sydney and Wollongong overnight on Sunday January 21 2018.  nationally shortly thereafter.

All about nutrition

We're all about nutrition

We focus on nutrition rather than weight loss alone.

We’ve teamed up with Kristen Beck – a leading nutritionist and health scientist with 20 years of experience – to create a range of inspiring, balanced meal plans.

That means you don’t have to worry about getting the right mix of nutrients because we already have.

Nutritious food plans

Our plans are all you need

Each ENE-CHI plan provides all the nutritious foods you need to achieve and maintain a healthy weight, plus the energy to keep you going, however active you are.

Our meals and snacks contain a great balance of protein and fibre. This helps fill you up, and keep at bay the temptation to stray from your meal plan with naughty snacks.

Hassle-free healthy meals

Hassle-free healthy 

Life is busy, so live it healthy by eating right. ENE-CHI make it easy and convenient to enjoy fresh, balanced meals every day to help you feel good, whatever you’re doing.

Forget shopping for fresh, seasonal ingredients or slaving away in the kitchen. Let us help you eat and feel better while you spend your time doing what you enjoy.

Home-delivered fresh meals

Developed by our team of expert nutritionists and chefs, our meal plans are perfectly-balanced, taste great and are ready to eat when you are. 

We only use fresh produce - from our vegetables and fruit to our lean meat, fish and dairy products. 

We know the story behind every ingredient that goes into our meals – from the provenance of our fresh produce to the source of our meat.

By placing emphasis on fresh vegetables, fruits, lean meat, fish, legumes, nuts, seeds, dairy and whole-grain ingredients, you know you are eating healthy every meal.

How it Works

Kristen Beck

As a nutritionist my hope is simply that anyone who subscribes to the ENE-CHI program will feel better because they are eating well.

Kristen Beck Signature

Kristen Beck

Registered Nutritionist and Health Scientist.

Read more from Kristen on the work that has gone into the ENE-CHI menu >>

Hassle-free healthy

1. Commit to better eating

Subscribe to ENE-CHI and you can start enjoying a meal plan that will revolutionise how you eat and live. It’s time to feel the benefits of a nutritionally-balanced meal plan.

2. The right fuel for life

Our meal plans consist of breakfast, lunch, dinner and snacks for five days of the week. There are two different plans depending on your goals.  

3. Delivered to your door

Every Sunday night we’ll drop off a temperature controlled box with five days' worth of delicious, restaurant-quality meals, ready to eat. It's that simple.